Isaac Lee

  • About Me

    Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I grew up just outside of Seattle in Bellevue, WA, but I’ve spent the last two years studying Computer Science at Northwestern University. I am a true optimist when it comes to technology and believe its positive impact on everyday life will be the story of our generation. In particular, I am interested in driving this impact by developing intuitive software.

    Outside of technology, my main interests lie in sports, especially America’s pastime ⚾️. I have enjoyed watching and playing baseball since early childhood and continue to play for our club team at Northwestern.

  • Projects

    Public Good Software Chatbot →

    A chat experience for the Public Good platform that matches users’ passions and location with related nonprofits

    Chef Curry →

    A service that helps users manage their kitchen inventory and provides personalized recipe recommendations

    Pocket Ian →

    A bot for Northwestern CS students that answers course advising questions

  • Rise Science

    This past summer I worked at Rise Science as a Software Engineering Intern. Rise is a sleep-coaching startup that works with athletic organizations to provide personalized sleep guidance and insights gleaned from sensor data.

    Sleep has always been of particular interest to me; I have been cataloging my sleep data for years using various iPhone apps and fitness trackers. This interest, as well as my sports and technical backgrounds, drew me to Rise’s mission.

    At Rise, sleep coaches pore through hundreds of data points before reaching out with personalized guidance for each athlete. My main focus was making this process more efficient by iteratively improving a data dashboard site Rise maintains for sleep coaches. I accomplished this by:

    • Implementing a new navigation system and search interface using AngularJS
    • Developing new API endpoints that allowed sleep coaches to view previously inaccessible data points (e.g. engagement data and raw motion activity)
    • Redesigning and refactoring existing pages to be more intuitive and maintainable

    While the skills I developed using AngularJS, Django, and Pandas are significant, I believe that the experience I gained balancing competing priorities during the development process, in addition to the relationships I built with my dedicated coworkers, are what I will truly take away from my time with Rise.

  • School

    Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to take a variety of courses in computer science, engineering, and the social sciences. A few of my favorites have been Professor Hartline’s Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Professor Smutko’s Modern Cosmology, and Professor Horn’s Human Computer Interaction.

    Student Organizations:

    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

    As the Technical Program Director for Northwestern’s student branch of IEEE, I lead our technical program for underclassmen. By forming teams led by experienced IEEE members, we guide students through the process of developing their own independent projects.

    Additionally, I have helped plan fun events like BadHacks, BadHacks II, and the IEEE Project Showcase.

    Northwestern Club Baseball

    I have played baseball for nearly my entire life and it has persisted as one of my true passions and favorite hobbies over the years. At Northwestern, I play for our club team as a pitcher and third baseman.